Tuesday, August 5, 2008

GTD "morning arrival at work" checklist (Update)

I'm assembling some GTD related worklists for my daily and long term work-flows and perspectives.

This is my "morning arrival at work" checklist:
  • Make yourself tea and get something to drink (water)
  • Start all programs (use Script to start all applications)
  • Check calendar for upcoming events (today & tomorrow)
  • Check OmniFocus for due tasks
  • Check and collect/process/organize "Inboxes"
    • Check and collect/process/organize emails
    • Check and collect/process/organize physical in-basket
    • Check and collect/process/organize @Inbox folder on Mac
    • Check and collect/process/organize @Inbox/@Office folder on USB-Stick
    • Check and collect/process/organize @Inbox folder on Safari Bookmarks
  • Start "doing"(highest priority in context depending on time/energy available)
  • At the end of the day check upcoming events in calendar
UPDATE 29.07.08: added handling of Safari Bookmarks in the @Inbox folder, related to my post about Safari Bookmark taming with GTD

UPDATE 05.08.08: added handling of @Inbox/@Office folder on USB Stick


Paul said...

Curious on what you create your list in?

GTD Marc said...

I use OmniOutliner 3 from the OmniGroup. It comes pre-installed on Macs (or at least came with my MacBook or iMac). It offers only pretty basic functionality but is nevertheless a very handy tool. In the checklists you can also make symbolic links to files, other checklists, webpages, etc., and there are some export functions as well.

I plan to make some kind of an interconnected GTD based set of checklists, but as you can see, I'm still working on it.