Monday, January 26, 2009

Geforce 9600GT on OSX86

A few weeks ago, I installed Geforce 9600GT (ASUS silent version) in a friend's OSX86 machine.

For this issue, the following three forum posts at InsanelyMac were very helpful:
I downloaded the driver (NVIDIA 9 Series Driver Installer v2) from the first mentioned forum post. Then I modified the info.plist of in the NVDANV50Hal.kext (after I installed the driver from the first forum post!) as described in the second mentioned forum post, but I'm not sure this would be really necessary. I also had to use the OSX86Studio to modify the GFX string as shown in the third mentioned forum post (see also the picture with the settings here). 


Anonymous said...


I Have The same problem about geforce 9600 GT, a Question, you Have Leopard 10.56 for this installation method?

thanks and sorry for my poor english :P!

GTD Marc said...


It was installed on a 10.5.5 (which is as far as I remember the minimum needed for 9600 GT support). SInce it is a friend's computer, I can't tell you much more about it, but I think he has not yet updated it to 10.5.6.

Did you do all the three steps: install driver as mentioned, modify the NVDANV50.kext and info.plist strings as described in the forum posts mentioned?

Best regards,


Fernando Garcia said...

Igot an error and now iam stuck in the boot.... You isntalled the drives after changin the kext ?

GTD Marc said...

Hi Fernando

I first installed the drivers and then modified the info.plist of in the NVDANV50Hal.kext. Did not boot until I made all the changes (install drivers, modfile plist file, changed boot config). I also installed it on 10.5.5, not sure if everything is still valid for 10.5.6 or 10.5.7.

You can try to boot in safe mode, that normally should work and then you can try to fix it or restore backup extensions / boot config.