Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Swisscom announced price plans for the iPhone

Swisscom finally announced the prices for the iPhone related mobile contracts. I'm still hesitating between the mezzo and grande option. Although Orange will also offer the iPhone and probably will have better contracts, the network coverage is not as good as with Swisscom concerning UMTS. I hope that Orange will soon announce their prices, so I still can decide before July 11th, where and with which contract to to get the iPhone.
 Retail price 8GBRetail Price 16 GBMonthly
Hourly call rate**Included volume  in megabytes***
NATEL®  liberty piccolo*CHF 249CHF 349CHF 25CHF 0.70100
NATEL®  liberty mezzo*CHF 199CHF 299CHF 35CHF 0.50250
NATEL® liberty grande*CHF 99CHF 199CHF 55CHF 0.501'000
NATEL® easy liberty unoCHF 519CHF 619-CHF 0.80-
(CHF 1 / MB)
  * Contract duration 24 months
** Price per hour for calls from the Swisscom network to Swisscom mobile and fixed-line numbers
in Switzerland
*** No roaming traffic included

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