Monday, June 30, 2008

Inbox Zero by Merlin Man

I watched the "Inbox Zero" Google Tech Talk from Merlin Mann. Yes, he's the guy from the famous 43folders blog, which also has its own Inbox Zero series. In order to watch the video off-line, you can use SafariStand (cmd-click on the video to save it locally) download the FLV video in Safari and WimpyPlayer to play it. These are the main things I got out of the video (besides refreshing the basic 5 steps for handling email: "Delete / Delegate / Respond/ Defer / Do"):
  • always carry a stack of index cards or a small notebook with me to catch tasks (e.g. buy toilet paper) whenever they come into your mind
  • whenever you start to fiddle with taxonomy go and do three tasks
  • use MailTemplate to improve answering similar emails
  • process things (Inbox, Email, etc.) by latest first
  • try to become a ninja at processing (learn to make quick decisions on what to do with stuff in your Inboxes)
  • only archive emails/things that you might need in the future, else delete/trash it
Of course there is much more mentioned in the video (watch it yourself, it's really worth the time), but these are just the few things that stuck in my head after having watched it.

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