Sunday, May 18, 2008

Switching from Bloglines to Google Reader

I have been using Bloglines for about 2 years now and was quite happy about it. Specially with the new Beta my feeds were pretty neatly displayed. However I was missing a good notifier on the Mac. After searching a while I found BloglinesMenu, but it misses the support for Proxy servers, which would limit its usage at my work place.

I remember having evaluated also the Google Reader at the time I was looking for an online feed aggregator. At that time Bloglines convinced me more, I think it just looked better to me then. But wanting now a notifier to display the amount of unread feed posts in the menu bar of Mac OS X, I gave Google Reader another chance. Because the Reader Notifier for Google Reader also works behind a Proxy server, I installed Google Reader and so far am very happy with it.

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